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The Best of Us:


As The Muny marks 100 seasons, HEC presents a fitting tribute to everyone’s favorite theatre under the stars!

The Municipal Theatre of St. Louis, affectionately known as The Muny, has been a part of St. Louis life for generations. Summer 2018 marked the 100th season that The Muny presented top-notch musical theatre outdoors in St. Louis' Forest Park.

"The Best of Us: 100 Seasons of Muny Magic" is a tribute to this world-renowned institution. Featuring dozens of interviews with actors, performers, craftspeople and audience members, and rare glimpses backstage, the film demonstrates that The Muny is a place like no other.

It's the largest outdoor theatre in the country, staging in record time original productions of Broadway musicals. Generations of families have long called The Muny home. It's a theatre where everyone is welcome, with thousands of free seats available at every performance.

"The Best of Us: 100 Seasons of Muny Magic" shows us how great art—in this case, great musical theatre under the stars—brings a community together as one.   

The Best of Us will screen at this year's St. Louis International Film Festival Saturday, November 3 at 5:30 p.m. at the .ZACK. Click here for tickets.

Where else to watch:

Stream it 24/7 on

Watch it on HECTV (Charter 989 and U-Verse 99) Wednesdays in November at 8:30 p.m.

Check back here or follow HECTV on Facebook for news of future public screenings.


"This is the only theatre in the world that can do this. And it's ours. It belongs to St. Louis. It truly represents the best of us."
-- Mike Isaacson, Executive Producer


"To stand on that stage is just the most amazing experience. All you can say is wow."
-- Janice Hawk, Former Muny Dancer"


"It's a magic show every week,"

--Harry Hamm, Theatre Critic